How to apply your Peachy Peach wraps

How to Apply Your Peachy Peach Wraps


Not a Video Fan?  Easy Steps to Peachy Perfect Nails

  • Start with Clean Hands. If your nails are rough, smooth them with a file and clean your cuticles.
  • Clean the surface of your nails with an alcohol pad or nail polish remover. Oils, lotions and sunscreens can make it hard for your new nail wraps to adhere.

    • Choose the Right Size. Lay the strips over your nails to find the right size. It's better to choose one that is a bit small rather than one that is a bit too big. You don't want the wrap to touch your skin. Peel off the clear protective coating. It may be hard to see but trust us, it's there!

      • Remove the wrap starting at the silver tab. Try not to touch the adhesive but don’t worry if you do. Align the wrap at the bottom edge of your nail, but not on your cuticle. Press gently. Lift and re-adjust if you don't get it quite right the first time. 

        •  Use your finger or cuticle stick to smooth and flatten the wrap out to the edges of your nails. You can pull slightly to get a nice snug fit.
        • Start to remove the excess wrap using downward motions with a nail file.  It’s important to only file down, not side-to-side or up. If you do, the edge of the wrap won’t seal well and your nails won’t last as long.

          • Gently pull off the excess. If it doesn’t come off easily, a bit more downward filing should do the trick.



            Keep your nails looking great longer!

            Tip #1 - Use a top coat! Not all top coats are created equal and some may shrink or cause your wraps to bubble. We've had good results with Sally Hansen Hard-as-Nails & Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coats. Some quick-dry top coats may dry out your natural nails.

            Tip #2 - You may want to re-touch with a fresh layer of topcoat after a week to re-seal the edges and extend the life of your wraps. 

            Tip #3 - Use a base coat. This is a great idea if you find that your nail wraps don't stick well. You may have oily nail beds. T

            Tip #4 - Avoid hot water for at least 6 hours to let the wraps adhere and cure. Repeated exposure to hot water especially right after you've applied them, can definitely shorten the life of your beautiful new nails. 

            Tip #5 - Wear gloves when washing dishes or showering with really hot water. 

            Tip #6 - Keep in mind that some sunscreens contain ingredients similar to nail polish removers.